Rhealyn Mugri

about me

           You pop in here because you may be curious who I really am. There's mainly two words to describe me, lifelong learner. Yes, that’s me. If you give me a new decent job that no one has done before, I will take it and I will spend extra hours learning about it. If you give me new technology, it will delight me to explore it. If I am left alone with all the free time in the world, I will be busy reading books. If I am doing household chores, I am listening to my audiobooks. If I meet you, I would love to hear from you as I always believe each one has something new to share. Wherever I am and whoever I’m with, I’m learning.

           Learning is fun for me, and it gives me so much joy seeing myself grow. You may wonder how I would know I have grown? Well, height isn’t my measurement for sure, as I don’t think I will grow past 5 feet. My real measurement for development is the comparison of myself a year or three years ago.

         Another measurement for me is achieving competencies in areas I am also passionate about. Professional coaching, for example, is a field I enjoy the most. Why? I enjoy it because I feel truly happy when I can help someone discover their hidden potentials just lurking within them unattended.

       I invested time and money during the lockdown of 2020 to take on the Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership, and Executive Coaching and certified with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. That’s how passionate I got with the coaching profession. Now, it isn't only about getting the diploma and the certification that mattered to me. It’s about being fully equipped and ready to help others achieve their full potential.

            When I get interested in something, I spend more time than ever learning and mastering it. So this year, 2021, I am more keen than I was seven years ago on the dynamics of an Agile environment. I have been working in the financial technology industry alongside other Project Manager, Scrum Masters, Scrum Product Owners, UI/UX Designers, Business Analysts or BA, IT Architects, Data Scientists, Software Developers, Network Engineers, Authorisation Engineers, Testers and Quality Analysts or QA.


         I have moved from various roles such as Junior Project Manager, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, Project Leader to Technical Project Manager. All of which I enjoyed so much. There were always areas to learn and new things to discover, especially when I work with geniuses and talented tech people.

             So I explored more of the Agile mindset and how I can help Team Leads and tech teams with the Agile transformation. I immersed myself in weeknights studies, weekend live virtual classes, and Agile coaching exercises based in the United States to get fully equipped helping tech teams. After all the learning experiences, the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile) awarded me as Certified Professional for Agile Coaching.

           Okay, over to you. What made you visit my website? What interests you most of all the information you may have come across about me?

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         I really look forward to hearing from you after you’ve gone this far reading some piece of me. Let’s get connected and learn together!

All the best.


       Glad to see you dropping by here, thank you!

     I’m Rhealyn. I’m getting to my 40s yet I still feel like I have a lot more to learn. I am passionate about discovering new ideas, exploring interesting places, learning more skills, meeting people, working with teams and helping others grow.